Eotech XPS2 Holographic Sight Review

EOTech XPS2 Rifle Scope Review

Last Updated: October 2016

The evolution of red dot style optics has often followed the same trend as modern technology, often improving and shrinking at the same. Evidence of this is as simple as looking at the first red dot optic from Aimpoint in 1975. This massive battery powered device has since been replaced with optics that feature clearer glass, longer battery life, and improved durability.

To this point the size of a red dot optic, these can be quite compact, and size is typically determined by the shooter preference. The XPS2 is Eotech’s variant of a small, compact, yet powerful optic. Like the Aimpoint Micro, the XPS2 is an optic built to be compact, willing to sacrifice size, but not quality.

The XPS2 retains the same style EOtech has become famous for, an open design, a holographic reticle, and square shaped lens. The XPS2 is simply, a lighter, shorter, and more compact variant of Eotech’s more famous optics.


  • Weight – a featherly 8 ounces, almost 3 ounces lighter than the 552.
  • Dimensions – The XPS2 is 3.5 inches long, 2 inches wide and 2.4 inches high. Now when compared to the old standard 552 the XPS2 is 1.9 inches shorter, the same width, and just a hair higher, .15 to be exact.
  • Water resistant – Yes, up to 10 meters (Same as 552)
  • Battery – One 123 Lithium battery
  • Battery Life – 600 hours of continuous use at default setting (Setting 12) The 552 has a run life of 1000 hours, but requires 2 batteries.
  • Night Vision Capable – No
  • Reticle Options – 1 for optic but 4 to choose from.Traditional Dot and Circle, Single dot, Circle with two dots, FN reticle, and Sage reticle.

Click here to see a full overview of the XPS 2 Features

Is smaller better?

The XPS2 represent Eotech’s entry into the micro optic market. These optics include the TRS 25 by Bushnell, the Aimpoint Micro T1, and now the XPS2. From the specifications, we can see the optic is much shorter than the old standard, the 552, and a hair higher. The savings in weight is immediately apparent, especially by those who live the adage ounces equals pounds and pounds equal pain.

So why would someone go small?

Well, a shorter length allows for the optic to take less rail space. This allows more room for mounting magnifiers or back up iron sights. This may not seem like a big deal when the optic is on a standard AR 15, but for those mounting an Eotech on an AK, a shotgun, submachine gun, or as a backup on a designated marksman’s rifle, they may not have much rail space.

Another situation would be someone running a heavier designated marksman’s rifle with a heavy, high powered optic. This shooter may want a small, lightweight optic mounted at 45 degree angle for social work. Some maybe looking to outfit their handgun with an optic, especially one like the Thompson Center encore. There are plenty of reasons to go small, and as I found out you can’t go wrong with the XPS2.

While Americans are big fans of rails and seem to slap them on everything, militaries and police around the world may not have that much space. Weapon’s like the British SA 80 and the French FAMAS are not as modular as our American designs and lack the same rail space as an M4, or similar design.


Out of the Box Impressions

First off Eotech is no slouch in the box department. An odd thing to bring up but I do like the fact that when I purchase a five hundred dollar optic I don’t get a simply cardboard box. Eotech includes a foam padded plastic box, very similar to a Pelican case with their optics. I can definitely appreciate that.

Fit and finish of the optic was superb, there is no obvious tool marks, or extra adhesive sticking here or there. The glass was crystal clear from the get go. The battery cap, mount screw and adjustment points all moved easily, but were not loose or sloppy by any means. The XPS2 oozed quality.

Through the Looking Glass

I chose the XPS2-0, the dash followed by a number or naming device indicates the reticle the optic comes with. I chose the -0 because I prefer the traditional Eotech reticle with a Single dot inside of a circle reticle. The reticle has a total of 20 brightness settings, with the twelfth setting being the default.

The glass was crystal clear as I mentioned and once I had it outdoors the anti-reflection coating worked wonderfully. The window, or glass dimensions are 1.20 inches by .85 inches, giving you a nice large plane to view through. This gives you a 100 yard field of view at 30 yards with 4 inches of eye relief.

There is no required eye relief however, and the optic can be used like a traditional scope on an AR variant, or on a gas tube mount popular with AK variants. The optics switches on in a heartbeat, it’s up and ready as soon as you hit the go button.

Ease of Use

The Eotech will require a zeroing procedure for an individual’s weapons, but the process is relatively straight forward and it’s covered well in the optic’s manual. The reticle design is a sheer genius. Everything is used and nothing goes to waste. The outer circle, with the 4 stadia, is it’s own reticles. The 65 MOA red circle is designed solely for rapid, close quarters battle. The shooter simply fill the circle with the target and pulls the bangswitch. The small 1 MOA red dot is used for precision shooting at medium ranges.

The reticle is not overly complicated or bogged down with bullet drop compensators, numbers, arrows, or anything else. It’s very simple, and very streamlined. While the optic is designed for close quarters combat it is equally capable, or even more capable of long range precision than standard iron sights. The XPS2 is capable of reaching out to 300 meters effectively, and more so depending on the shooter’s training level.

Optic Pros

  • Uses a single 123 Optic. 123 optics are more efficient, smaller, and common among military and law enforcement. 123 batteries take longer time to corrode when compared to AAAs.
  • Superbly lightweight
  • Can be used in correlation with a magnifier.
  • Can work in temperatures as low as -40 and as high as 150 degrees farenheit
  • Repeatable to 2 MOA after re mounting

Optic Cons

  • Can not be used in correlation with a night vision optic
  • Some may find 123 batteries difficult to find

Final Thoughts

Eotech XPS2 Holographic Sight Review
  • Overall


The XPS2 is an optic that would be at home on a police officer’s patrol rifle, a soldier’s M4, a 3 gun competitors carbine, or simply on the rifle or shotgun used to defend the homestead.

The Eotech XPS2 is an excellent optic, and more specifically one of the top tier choices for red dot optics. The XPS2 is a tough, dependable, lightweight, and easy to use optic, perfect for any carbine, rifle, shotgun, or pistol. The XPS2 is a superb optic, and Eotech has established a reputation for producing some of the best close quarter battle optics on the market.

The XPS2 is an optic that would be at home on a police officer’s patrol rifle, a soldier’s M4, a 3 gun competitors carbine, or simply on the rifle or shotgun used to defend the homestead. For whichever duty you assign the XPS2 I can assure you it will perform spectacularly.

Where to buy?

You can purchase from Amazon right here.

Similar Scopes

So maybe you like the idea of the XPS2 but it just doesn’t fit your needs, or your budget. Good news is there are other options out there, that can fill the role of the XPS2, but be unique in their own right.

Need Night Vision – So you really like the Eotech XPS2, but need to run a night vision optic. Luckily there is the XPS3, a little pricier, but has all the same features as the XPS2 with night vision capability.

Read more about the XPS3 here.

On a budget – So maybe the XPS2 is too pricy for you, or perhaps you are looking to equip a rimfire rifle, or a simple range toy over a tactical application. The Sightmark Ultra Shot Reflex Sight is a similar square shaped window, has highly efficient battery consumption, and multiple reticle options for less than a 100 bucks.

Read more about the Sightmark Ultra Shot Reflex here.

I want an even smaller scope – The Trijicon RMR is about as small as you can get. The RMR is small enough to be placed atop a duty sized handgun, but strong enough to work with a machine gun. The Trijicon RMR is rough, tough, and tiny.

Read more about the Trijicon RMR here.

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Eotech XPS2 Holographic Sight Review
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