Hunting Game: Bighorn Sheep

These animals are one of the most sought after big game animals in North America. A man can spend a lifetime trying to draw a bighorn sheep tag and never draw one. There are hunters in Utah that have spent 20+ years putting in and haven’t drawn and might never draw a tag.

Here are some interesting facts about these cool and unique animals:

1. Their horns can weigh up to 30 pounds alone.

2. The Boy Scouts had a big hand in restoring the Bighorn Sheep population to healthy numbers.

3. There are four species of Bighorn Sheep.

  • Rocky Mountain Bighorn
  • Dall Sheep
  • Desert Bighorn
  • Stone Sheep

4. Getting the coveted Grand Slam is something that every avid sheep hunter strives for. It’s not easily attained. (Killing all four species of sheep).

5. Female sheep are called Ewes.

6. Male sheep are called Rams.

7. Rocky Mountain bighorns can weigh as much as 500 pounds.

8. Bighorns can easily get diseases from domestic sheep such as scabies and pneumonia.

9. Males tend to eat, then rest and relax which helps them have better digestion and that increases their body size. While females like to walk while eating to avoid predators.

10. There used to be an estimated 2 million bighorn sheep in North America.

11. The Native American tribes the Apsaalooka and Crow greatly admired the Bighorn Sheep.

Bighorn sheep are one of the coolest big game animals in North America. They’re totally unique animals, very elusive and can be very difficult to hunt. Not to mention that even getting a license to hunt them can be a huge challenge in itself.

If you’ve ever watched them being hunted on TV you understand my last statement. I once watched Colorado Buck hunt Dall Sheep in Alaska. It took him and the guides 4 days of hiking just to make it to the base of the mountain that they were going to hunt on. If you’re not used to hiking in their terrain it can be very challenging or impossible to hunt bighorn.

There’s a reason that hunters who have hunted Bighorn Sheep become addicted to hunting them again and again. At least until their Grand Slam is complete.

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